NINE PEOPLE KILLED IN PLANE CRASH DURING HUNTING TRIP – Nine people were killed recently on their way back from a hunting trip.  Jim and Kirk Hanson, owners of a popular wellness company called Kyani Inc., along with seven other people were killed in a plane wreck.  The men were traveling for a hunting trip together when the plane crashed near Chamberlain, South Dakota.

The other seven individuals killed included Jim’s son Jake, as well as his son, Houston.  Kirk’s sons, Stockton and Logan, and his sons-in-law, Kyle Naylor and Tyson Dennert, also died in the wreck.  This wreck was devastating.  It included four generations of this Idaho Falls family.

Kyani’s president, Travis Garza stated the following.

“We are deeply sad to announce that yesterday, we lost our precious founders Jim and Kirk in a tragic plane crash,” Garza said in a statement that identified the family members. “We are all mourning and ask your prayers.”

There were three survivors of the plane crash.  They included a son of both Jim and Kirk.  The third was one of Jim’s sons-in-law.

The cause of the crash is unknown.  However, there was a major storm in the area at the time. The storm was reported to be a heavy snow storm, dropping an inch of snow an hour.  The National Weather Service also reported limited visibility, which may have attributed to the wreck as well.

The family had been hunting in South Dakota.  Photos released by the family show the men hunting pheasants over the weekend.  The family also issued the following statement:

The outpouring of love and expressions of concern for the welfare of the Hansen, Dennert, and Naylor families in the aftermath of the tragic accident on Nov. 30, 2019, have been overwhelming. The families wish to express their deepest gratitude for the numerous friends, family and Business Partners who have reached out with support, prayers and best wishes during this trying time.

The legacy of Jim Hansen, Kirk Hansen and their father, Jim Hansen Sr., will be preserved and will flourish through their families and established Business Partners today, tomorrow and into the future.

Condolences can be submitted to

While flowers are a wonderful expression of love and support for Leann, Rebecca, Coralie, and all other family members affected by this tragedy, the family asks that, in keeping with the Hansen’s goal of helping people in need, and providing opportunities for others to grow temporally and spiritually on the path to become Christ-like disciples, that donations be tendered to the established Caring Hands Program developed by the Kyani Corporation to help people in need both at home and abroad.

With love and deepest gratitude,

The Hansen Family

Nine People Killed in Plan Crash
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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Hansen family!

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