Back on April 6th, the Utah annual conservation permit project funding meeting was held. A record $4.2 million was dedicated to wildlife conservation projects during that meeting. Several conservation groups generated these funds.

Conservation Projects for Wildlife

Much of the $4.2 million will be used by Utah’s Watershed Restoration Initiative (WRI). The WRI was launched in 2006. Its main goal is to generate watershed health and biological diversity. The WRI also looks to improve opportunities for sustainable uses of natural resources.

During the above-mentioned meeting, 80 projects were either partially funded or fully funded by the $4.2 million. The projects brought up during the meeting were selected by the conservation groups that attended the meeting. However, one project contained to device more support than all the others. A winter range improvement project taking place on the south side of the Henry Mountains. The goal of this project is to restore the winter range area by planting sagebrush and grasses and removing encroaching pinyon and juniper trees on over 1,000 acres. The $250,000 for the project will be made available on July 1st. However, the project will not commence until the fall, during prime planting season for sagebrush.

Conservation and Expo permits were also a key component in generating this record-setting $4.2 million. Each year hunting permits and given to several conservation groups. These groups then auction them off with the large majority of the money making its way back to the Division of Wildlife. Likewise, the $5 Expo tag application fees go towards wildlife projects. In recent years much of these funds have gone into getting the Utah Wildlife Migration Initiative operating to a high degree.

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So, what are your thoughts on all these funds being generated for wildlife? Have you ever helped out on projects like this? Let us know in the comments!


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