Louisiana Poacher Kenneth D Gunter

Louisiana Poacher Kenneth D Gunter
Photo Credit: Upsplash

Poaching is a pain in the side for any ethical hunter. We’ve posted articles on some of the worst poaching cases lately. Unfortunately, today is no different, although not as bad as 113 deer poached it is still a raw deal. Louisiana regulations allow hunters in the area to take three antlered deer during the season, with a daily bag limit of one deer.

Acting on a tip Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries investigated Kenneth D. Gunter. They found that Gunter had taken two deer on the same day, as well as had taken six deer total during the season. Not surprisingly, agents found Gunter hadn’t tagged any of the deer as required by law. Officials recovered all six racks, a 10 point, two 9 points, two 8 points, and a 5 point. Gunter was cited for taking more than one deer in a day. He also garnered citations for failure to tag the animals and being over the season bag limit. Gunter faces $11,382 in restitution to replace the illegally killed deer. He could also face jail time for violating the daily bag limit and failure to tag violations.

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Often we as hunters are the eyes and ears for Game and Fish officers that have huge areas to patrol and obviously can’t be in all places at once. Most of the time hunters tips lead to these types of investigations. Here at EHUNTR, we encourage all of you to pass on knowledge of any suspected poaching situations you may witness. After all, poaching is theft from all of us and by giving the Game and Fish officers all of the info we gather in the field, we as hunters will continue to bring these unethical hunters to justice. Be part of the solution!

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