$25,000 FINE
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Grizzlies, some want to see them managed, others want them to roam free. With the bears being on the endangered species list one can find themselves in a world trouble for shooting one. A Casper, Wyoming man found this out after killing a grizzly with a .22 caliber firearm. That’s right a .22. That shot cost the man $25,500 and suspension of his hunting,fishing and trapping rights for 1 year. The man claimed self-defense, which was not the case.

Stalkup pled guilty early in the fall and paid all $25,500 of his fine on his sentencing date Nov. 19. In the sentence handed out by Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters, Stalkup is also prohibited from hunting, fishing or trapping for one year starting Jan. 1.

“A single shot will kill them if it’s in the right spot,” said G&F officer Scott Werbelow.

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