JUNE 2020 COLORADO WOLF UPDATE – The Colorado Parks and Wildlife have recently released an update regarding wolves in Colorado.  Whether it’s because of warmer weather or COVID, more people are outdoors.  As more people spend time in the outdoors, wolf sightings are becoming more frequent.

“Public reporting vastly increases our ability to know what’s happening across the state,” says Dan Prenzlow, Director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “While not all reports end up being verified as wolves, we make every effort to investigate credible sightings through on-the-ground investigations, biological sampling, and deploying a variety of survey techniques.”

Photo Credit: CPW

Wolf Updates

In July of 2019, a wolf was photographed near the Snake River.  The wolf had a collar, and was designated by the Wyoming Fish and Game as 1084M.  This wolf still remains in the North Park area.  Pilots help monitor the whereabouts of this wolf.

There has been a report of a wolf sighting in Larimer County.  The CPW is still trying to confirm this sighting.  The report stated that the wolf was wearing a radio collar, but it has been confirmed that it was not 1084M.  If the report is confirmed, this will be the farthest east a wolf has been in centuries.

A group of campers reported a new sighting of wolves in Grand County on June 6th and 7th.  The CPW responded as quickly as possible to try and confirm the sighting, but DNA evidence was limited.  With canids approaching humans like they did, the CPW is leaning towards this actually being a wolf sighting.

The pack of six wolves continue to be seen in northwest Colorado.  This pack has been seen and photographed many times.  J.T. Romatzke, the NW Regional Manager for the CPW, addressed this pack in the podcast we conducted with him.  The pack has been quiet lately, but there is still evidence that they are present.

Photo Credit: CPW

Wolves In Colorado

The CPW continues to monitor the impact of wolves in Colorado.  They have established a FAQ document that helps answer a lot of questions that outdoors enthusiasts may have.  Ehuntr also has many articles and podcasts to help answer questions as well.  Wolves continue to grow in the state.  As hunters and conservationists, it is our duty to report any sightings or possible presence of wolves.

Have you seen wolves in Colorado?  Tell us your thoughts on the introduction of wolves into Colorado in the comments below.

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