102 BIG GAME ANIMALS POACHED IN UTAH SINCE AUGUST 1ST – Poaching in the west has increased significantly over the past several years.  Utah biologists have confirmed that over 100 big game animals have been poached, and over 900 citations have been issued since August 1st 2019.  102 big game animals to be exact.  The animals include deer, elk, moose, bear, bison and pronghorn.

Utah DWR officials are working to stop the continued increase in poaching, and they are asking for hunters to help.

“Hunters need to take the responsibility of knowing the law, having a current hunting or combination license, and knowing what species and areas their permits allow them to hunt,” DWR Capt. Justin Shirley said, in a statement. “We need your help. Please keep your eyes and ears open and report suspicious activity to us. Working together, we can enforce wildlife laws and keep our recreating public safe.”

Utah is about to enter its busiest hunting time of the year; the general deer hunt.  During this hunt, Utah’s public lands become covered by a sea of blaze orange.  Hunters come from all over to enjoy one of the best hunts in the west.  The Utah general hunt is intriguing to many people because of the beautiful weather, number of tags, and the quality of the deer.


The DWR is asking that we as hunters be observant to our surroundings.  If you see someone poaching an animal, or if you feel there has been a possibility of poaching, please reach out to the DWR to notify them of the situation.  Please do not try to confront the violator on your own.

The DWR has set up a “Report-A-Poacher” hotline that individuals can use when they see potential poaching events.  The hotline number is 1-800-662-3337, and it is also printed on each and every hunting tag.

Have you ever been involved in a poaching incident and had to turn in a poacher?  Did the officials respond quickly and appropriately?


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