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In the United States, trappers are receiving a lot of hate. Many are calling for an end to trapping altogether. Meanwhile, in Ontario, trappers are being recognized by their government for their crucial roll in wildlife management.

Earlier this week, the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, John Yakabuski, recognized trappers and their tremendous efforts. He showed his support by donating $1.1 million in funding to the Ontario Fur Managers Federation.

According to their website, the Ontario Fur Managers Federation has a mission to promote conservation and public education. They also provide continuing education for humane methods of trapping. The organization serves as the voice for trappers all over Ontario.

“Trapping is a huge part of Ontario’s economy and the culture too. We depend on the Fur Managers Association to provide the knowledge, the educational programs and the licensing for the trappers to ensure they are being continuously upgraded on the most up to date and humane methods of conducting their trapping,” Yakabuski says.

Over 8,000 trapping licenses are issued in Ontario every year. The Ontario Fur Managers Federation will put the newly received funds toward fees from those licenses and continuing education.

Yakabuski went on to say their relationship is an important one. “It’s a partnership that has worked very, very well and we’re very happy that the Fur Managers Association continues to be willing to take on that responsibility. They make their living in this business. They know trapping.”

Robin Howarth is the general manager of the OFMF and has been for more than 20 years. He said he’s happy to see the partnership with the government continue. “If we weren’t here to do this work for the government I don’t know who would be”.

What an awesome move by Ontario’s government! Love to see them supporting trappers and their way of life.

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